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About Us

With shared interests in clothing, art, gardening, and home decoration, sisters Dorothy and Catherine (two of five sisters) opened Sibling Revelry in downtown Corvallis, Oregon in May 1997. While aiming to fashion the store into an exciting and welcoming haven for customers, they also provided themselves with an enjoyable venue for gainful employment. 

Wandering through the store is an adventure – with discoveries of unique jewelry, scarves, hats, whimsical art and artifacts. “Oohs!” and “Ahhs” and laughter are common. SMILES are always part of the scene. 

This fun boutique enjoys a loyal local following, and enthusiastic customers return from all around Oregon and Washington, and across the country. Visitors often request that the sisters consider opening shops in their own cities. “There just isn’t anything like this where I’m from.”

The staff is welcoming and helpful with a mind toward your personal style and needs – making your visit an easy shopping experience. Come see what Sibling Revelry's all about!

Sibling Revelry Sisters: Dorothy & Cathy

Staff Profile – Meet Redda

If given the opportunity, Redda would spend her days retreiving balls that co-owner, Cathy "chucks" for her. But since Redda doesn't have a say in it, she spends many of her days being the greeter at Sibling Revelry. Somehow Redda seems to know who the doglovers are and greets just those people. If you don't see her, she's probably asleep under Cathy's desk in the back. If she hears the word "ball," you'll see her pronto!

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